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Her Story

His Story

Cinderella is my most favorite movie, the handsome prince, the castle, the dress I love it all except the mice; I don’t like the mice. Before I could become a queen, however I had to do the hard work, and as a nurse that meant being transferred from one clinic to Deadmans Cay Clinic on South Long Island where I knew absolutely nobody. After slowly integrating into the community I met Nelson doing one of my favorite things- dressing up for Halloween at a party with mutual friends. On first meeting him, he was very nice and humble. After this initial meeting, we lost touch with each other for about a year. When we began hanging out again, I got to know the real Nelson - his past trials, his quirks, his pet peeves, and I bonded with his very shy princess, Victoria. Logan and I took a more slow and steady approach. Nelson is a person of few words, but he makes up for this with his actions. He is the epitome of ‘ I could show you betta than I could tell you.’ When he asked me to be his queen, I answered the yes with no hesitation, because I knew then that he was ready to build a life with me and the children. As with many relationships, our journey far from smooth, but I am excited to see how our family evolves when are joined together in marriage.

"Love is not something you go out and look for. Love finds you, and when it does, ready or not it'll be the best thing to ever happen to you." -Author unknown


I never thought love would find me again. Meeting Dominique on that Halloween night was, (if you believe in it) - pure luck. She was a breath of fresh air to my normal routine, but my situation was different - I had Logan and Victoria to think about. She was unlike anyone I had ever met strong willed with a smart mouth and a very pretty smile. After that initial meeting we lost contact, and I thought she had left the island. One night however, she came into Lloyds for dinner and I found out then that she was back for good. We started seeing each other more regularly at the beach or boating with Tanya and Neil which normally carried on to dinner at Lloyds or Lighthouse, and it amazed me how quickly Victoria took to her. As I watched her step into the role of mother for my children with no hesitation, I fell deeper in love with her and I then knew that she would complete our family. I have no regrets in asking Dom to be my wife, and as we build on our family in marriage the roots of our tree will strengthen and blossom over time.

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